Iraq postpones the application of a single customs declaration at ports

Iraq postpones the application of a single customs declaration at ports

A border crossing in Iraq – archive May 31, 2021 07:57 PM

Mubasher: The Border Ports Authority in Iraq decided today, Monday, to wait for the application of a single customs declaration, and also discussed the proposal to open the Jamima port in the Muthanna governorate with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .

The media of the Border Ports Authority said, in a statement, that the head of the authority, Omar Adnan Al-Waeli, chaired the fifth meeting of the authority’s council, which includes in its membership representatives of the ministries, authorities and governorates concerned with border crossings to discuss its agenda, which included topics for organizing work at border crossings.

The letter of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers was discussed by the Diwani Order Committee 47S for the year 2021 regarding “one customs declaration for each container in the ports” and the members of the Council voted unanimously to wait at the present time from implementing the decision due to the current economic situation.

The General Company for Iraqi Ports will work at a faster pace to complete the major reception yard in the ports, while obligating all departments operating at the border ports to work on the electronic platform prepared by the Border Ports Authority in cooperation with the General Company for Iraqi Ports, according to the statement.

The authority stated that the agenda included discussing the topics proposed to be presented at the upcoming meeting of the Anti-Corruption Academy and assessing the reality of border crossings, which will be evaluated by the Integrity Commission on 6/8/2021 to work on discussing the development and reconstruction of infrastructure and the provision of municipal and health services at border crossings.

The authority discussed a proposal to open the Jamima border crossing with Saudi Arabia

She added that the meeting included a proposal to open the Jamima port in Al-Muthanna governorate with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to activate trade exchange, advance the economic reality and employ manpower for the people of the governorate.

The authority indicated that the opening of the port will be preceded by the formation of a committee of council members to present an extensive study on the feasibility of opening the border crossing, provided that its study will be presented at the next meeting of the authority’s council.

And she indicated that the meeting dealt with the General Authority of Customs to follow up the investigative procedures with the joint committees with the Ports Authority after detecting violations by the authority.

The agenda had a paragraph dealing with securing protection and security for Basra International Airport .

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