Washington comments on the recent events in Baghdad

Alhurra – WashingtonMay 28, 2021Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on WhatsAppComments

The State Department welcomed every effort the government is making to hold the militias accountable

On Thursday, the United States of America expressed its anger at the “violent and brutal” dealings with peaceful demonstrators in Iraq, and the violation of the country’s sovereignty by militias.

A spokesman for the US State Department, Ned Price, said in a statement that Washington is “outraged by the confrontation of peaceful Iraqi demonstrators who are demanding reform with threats and brutal violence.”

The statement added that “the violation of the sovereignty of Iraq and the rule of law by armed militias harms all Iraqis and their country.” 

The State Department welcomed every effort made by the government to hold militias, thugs and other armed groups accountable for its attacks against Iraqis who exercise their right to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly, as well as its attacks on the rule of law, according to the statement.

On Tuesday, two demonstrators were killed by security forces in Baghdad after they dispersed a demonstration that launched earlier to demand accountability for the killers of activists against the political system, amid a feeling of frustration and failure with the current government.

Thousands participated in the demonstration, which included people from southern cities such as Nasiriyah and Karbala, who raised pictures of activists who had been assassinated, especially Ihab al-Wazzani, head of the protests coordination in Karbala, who for several years had been warning of the domination of armed factions loyal to Iran and was shot dead by gunmen in front of his house with pistols equipped with silencers. . 

After security forces arrested a leader in the Popular Mobilization Forces on charges of “terrorism,” the Hashd militants penetrated the Green Zone from one of its gates, and threatened to use force to free the arrested leader.



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