The meeting of the presidencies concludes with a warning of a “dangerous transgression” of the state’s prestige

PoliticsbreakingIraqi presidencies 2021-05-27 12:05A-AA +

Shafaq News / The Iraqi presidencies warned, on Thursday, that the continuing security turmoil and the encroachment on the state’s authority and its right to control security and military decisions represents a “dangerous transgression” of the state’s authority and prestige.

This came in a meeting held at Baghdad Palace, which included the presidents of the republic, Barham Salih, the cabinet, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, the House of Representatives, Muhammad al-Halbousi, and the Supreme Judicial Council, Judge Faeq Zaidan.

A statement issued by the Presidency of the Republic received by Shafaq News stated that “the meeting discussed the recent developments and the dangerous repercussions resulting from them,” referring to the deployment of forces from the Popular Mobilization Forces in central Baghdad to pressure the government to release the arrest of the leader in the crowd, Qasim Musleh, who was detained on charges of terrorism.

The meeting affirmed, according to the statement, that “the recent events in the country have a negative impact on the national efforts aimed at achieving security and stability and preserving the prestige and sovereignty of the state, and for the national project adopted by the people’s forces and political and social actors in order to get the country out of the current crises and challenges in preparation for conducting fair and equitable elections.” .

The meeting stressed that “the continuing security turmoil and encroachment on the state’s authority and its right to hold the security and military decision represents a serious violation of the state’s authority and prestige in enforcing the law and protecting the security of citizens, and exposes the stability of the country to real risks, which calls for an active presence of the position of the various political forces in order to confront this. Escalation and support for the state in confining weapons in its hand, closing ranks, stopping sedition, and taking unified, serious and decisive stances to remedy the crisis.

The meeting also stressed the necessity of respecting the decisions issued by the judiciary and respecting the procedures of state institutions in legal accountability, not to be subjected to decisions of the judiciary outside the constitutional frameworks, and to adhere to exclusively legal procedures and contexts, in order to uphold the rule of law and the principle of citizenship in a state that protects its people and guarantees the rights of all citizens without discrimination. “.

The presidencies of Iraq stressed, “the holding of parliamentary elections next October, which are of great importance as they come after a popular movement demanding reform, and after the accumulation of crises, mismanagement and widespread corruption, the holding of elections is a constitutional and national duty and it should not be hesitant in it, as it should be a means for getting out of problems and challenges.” The current situation that the country is suffering from and represents the peaceful path of change. “

And she continued by saying, “In order to achieve this goal, the necessary conditions necessary for the electoral process must be met, and the implementation of standards of integrity and transparency in its various stages must not be waived and the broad participation guaranteed, in order to ensure the free will of the Iraqis to choose their representatives away from fraud, manipulation and pressure, and for the election outcomes to be a reflection.” True to the will of the people and their choices. ” 

On Wednesday, the capital, Baghdad, witnessed tension after a special security force arrested Qassem Musleh, the leader in the crowd according to a court warrant related to terrorism, which angered leaders in the Popular Mobilization Forces, the development of the spread of mechanisms and elements of the crowd heavily armed in and around the Green Zone, and surrounded some government headquarters To push for Musleh’s release.

The next day, the US National Security Council announced “strong” support for Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi’s actions to impose the rule of law in the country.

There were conflicting reports about a reformed release by the Iraqi security authorities, and his handover to the security of the Popular Mobilization Forces.

And Qasim Musleh was the commander of the “Tafuf Brigade” in the Popular Mobilization Forces, and in 2017 he assumed the position of commander of the Hashd operations in Anbar.


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