Representatives announce the completion of the plan of secure borders with Kurdistan

05/27/2021 21:35

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  • Section : Iraq

Baghdad / Al-Masalla: Member of Parliament for Diyala Governorate, MP Abdul Khaleq Al-Azzawi, announced, on Thursday, May 27, 2021, that the border plan with Kurdistan has been completed.

Al-Azzawi said in a press statement, that the security deployment plan on the administrative borders separating Diyala and Sulaymaniyah within the Kurdistan region has completed all its axes and all the spaces previously monitored have been kept, especially in mountainous areas, highlands and valleys.

He added that the borders have been suffering for years from the existence of vacuums that have posed a security threat to the nearby regions and villages, in addition to the security points, pointing out that the completion of the redeployment and holding of the land will have a positive sign in enhancing security stability and pushing it forward.

He pointed out that keeping the administrative borders addressed an important challenge, and we seek to close the rest of the gaps through the ongoing redeployment plans in Diyala.

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