Details of the decision to send an international team to monitor the progress of the Iraqi elections

145 Policy 05/27/2021 21:02mum
Baghdad Today- Follow up
On Thursday, the UN Security Council voted unanimously to extend the mandate of its mission in Iraq and expand it to include monitoring the legislative elections scheduled to take place on the tenth of next October, at the request of the authorities in Baghdad, and it calls for “the presence of a strengthened and strong United Nations team with additional staff,” Before the upcoming Iraqi elections, to monitor the day of the Iraqi elections with as wide geographical coverage as possible. “
The mission, known as the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI), will continue until May 27, 2022, according to a resolution drafted by the United States, which states that the international organization’s assistance should come “in a way that respects Iraqi sovereignty.”
A diplomat told AFP, speaking on condition of anonymity, that Baghdad “wants more”, including a “full monitoring mission” for the elections.
But the diplomat said what the council had agreed upon was in line with its usual practices, adding that some members were reluctant to accept a larger role, fearing that the UN would end up taking too much responsibility for the vote.
According to the resolution, UNAMI is to “participate, encourage, coordinate with and provide, as appropriate, logistical and security support to international and regional observers from third parties invited by the Iraqi government.”
The mission will also be asked to “launch a United Nations strategic message campaign to educate, inform, and update the Iraqi electorate on election preparations and United Nations activities in support of elections before and on election day,” as stated in the text.
During the recent council meeting on Iraq, which was held by video link, the UN Special Representative for Iraq, Jeanine Hennes Blashardt, asked the authorities in Baghdad to “preserve the integrity of the electoral process.”
The UN envoy warned that “failure to hold credible elections will lead to great, permanent and widespread anger and disappointment, which in turn could further destabilize the country at a time when there is a great need for strength and unity.”


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