Postponement of the visit of the Kurdish delegation to Baghdad

13:37 – 19/05/20210

The information / Erbil ..
A source in the Kurdistan Regional Government revealed, on Wednesday, the postponement of the visit of the regional government delegation to Baghdad, which was scheduled to take place tomorrow, Thursday.
“The Kurdistan Regional Government has postponed the visit of its technical delegation to Baghdad, in order to complete the discussions on the oil delivery mechanism,” the source said in a statement to “the information”.
He added that “there are differences with the oil companies operating in the Kurdistan region, and because of them, the implementation of the budget agreement has been postponed until now.”
The source pointed out that “the Kurdish delegation will visit Baghdad next week with a delegation that includes 3 ministers and officials in the regional government to implement the budget agreement.”

تأجيل زيارة الوفد الكردي إلى بغداد


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