A Kurdish delegation to Baghdad next week .. This is the fate of the salary deduction

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Shafaq News / A responsible source stated, on Wednesday, that a delegation representing the Kurdistan Regional Government will visit Baghdad next week to discuss with the federal government about technical matters related to the financial budget.

Assistant President of the Kurdistan Regional Government for Financial Affairs, Rebaz Hamlan, told reporters on the sidelines of the “unity and constitution” conference in Erbil, that “a delegation representing the Kurdistan Regional Government will visit Baghdad next week to discuss with the federal government the technical issues related to the implementation of the fiscal budget law for the current year.”

Hamlan added that the delegation includes technicians from the Ministries of Finance and Natural Resources in the Kurdistan Regional Government.

And whether the regional government will continue to deduct a percentage of the salaries of employees, Hamlan said, “This issue depends on the arrangements of Baghdad.”

He explained, “If Baghdad sends the budget and it is sufficient with oil imports, taxes and customs, then there will be no deductions.”

Hamlan added, “But if it is not sent, the deduction will remain in light of the imports available to us, but the deduction will be less this month than in previous months.” 

In early February, the Iraqi parliament approved the country’s financial budget for the current year, with a total expenditure of 129 trillion dinars, and a deficit of 28 trillion.

The agreement between Baghdad and Erbil was included in the budget, which provides for the region to deliver 250,000 barrels of oil per day, along with half of the other financial revenues of the federal government, in exchange for a share of 12.6 percent of the value of the budget.

The regional government says it has not received any money from Baghdad so far.



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