Parliamentary Defense: The security agreement between Baghdad and Erbil is awaiting implementation


Baghdad – Al-Mawred News 

, the Security and Defense Committee in the House of Representatives confirmed today, Tuesday, that the security agreement between Baghdad and Erbil is awaiting implementation.
The committee’s rapporteur, Nasser Harki, said, according to the official agency, that “several meetings were held between Baghdad and Erbil regarding the formation of joint military points in the areas experiencing a security vacuum within the disputed areas, in order to control security in those areas and prevent any security breaches.”
Harki added, “There is a meeting held several days ago, and it was agreed on the locations and locations of these military points on the ground,” noting that “the agreement is awaiting implementation by the central government, and it must implement the agreement to prevent new violations that lead to the loss of lives.” Citizens and martyrs of the Peshmerga, the Hashd, or the army of all sorts. “
Earlier, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi directed the implementation of the joint security agreement between the Joint Operations Command and the Peshmerga forces in the disputed areas.


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