A Kurdish delegation prepares to visit Baghdad to discuss the region’s funds in the budget

14:30 – 12/05/20210

The information / Baghdad ..
The Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed, on Wednesday, the completion of the federal government’s readiness to hand over Kurdistan’s dues within the budget, indicating that a Kurdish delegation will visit Baghdad to reach an understanding on the mechanisms of launch.
“A technical delegation from the Kurdistan region will visit the capital, Baghdad, after Eid Al-Fitr, to discuss the mechanism for implementing Article (11) of the budget law for the current year,” said Shirwan Mirza, a member of the committee.
Mirza added, “Federal Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi confirmed the completion of the readiness to distribute the sections of exchange included in the budget, including the Kurdistan region,” explaining that “the region is waiting to send its share of the budget for this month.”
He pointed out that “Article (11) does not provide for the delivery of crude oil to the Kurdistan region. Rather, the quantity is established, and the mechanism for implementing this paragraph will be determined. Will it be calculated by clearing and deducting the oil from the region’s share of the budget and disbursing the remainder, or depositing the region’s sold oil in a bank account for the benefit of Federal government. ”Ended / 25 d

وفد كردي يستعد لزيارة بغداد لبحث اموال الاقليم في الموازنة

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