Major General Tahseen: The curfew will start this evening and with strict measures


Baghdad / Al-Mawred News 

The Joint Operations Command announced, today, Tuesday, that the curfew decision will take effect from today for a period of 10 days, and with strict procedures.
The spokesperson for the leadership, Major General Tahsin Al-Khafaji, said, “The implementation of the curfew decision will start from eight in the evening today until Ten days “and
indicated that” there is no intention to lift the curfew during Eid, or to reduce its procedures in Baghdad and the provinces. ”
The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers issued a statement Thursday (May 06, 2021) explaining the details of the decision to impose a curfew for a period of ten Days from the current May 12 to the 22 of the same month,
and the statement issued stated that “the Cabinet has circulated its decision to all concerned authorities regarding the total curfew (for the period from 12/5 to 22/5/2021) and the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, which it approved at its last session.”
He added, “The decision stipulated the closure of malls, restaurants, cafeterias, cafes, cinemas, parks, event and wedding halls, swimming pools, massages, etc.”
The statement indicated that “the council excluded from the ban the categories that must be moved during the days of the comprehensive ban (employees of the Ministry of Health, security forces, and circles of service), as well as pharmacies and shops selling food and shops of fruits, vegetables, ovens and allow them to exercise their work until seven pm ”
the decision on the ” exclusion of citizens within the geographical area to take vaccines in immunization outlets for the continuity of vaccination the largest possible number of citizens And to ensure that the vaccine doses are taken on the specified dates for them. “
The recommendations approved by the Council of Ministers stressed “preventing the setting up of human gatherings of all kinds, stopping urban education in schools, institutes and colleges, and making it electronically remotely, with the continuation of the decision of the Supreme Committee for National Health and Safety, which includes excluding only the ending stages, and for medical and medical colleges. In the (practical) attendance study, two days a week only, “according to the statement
The statement added, “The decision also stipulated a ban on travel to and from India and to other notice, with the necessary coordination and health measures taken to return the Iraqis stranded there, while the ministries of finance, the interior and the Civil Defense Directorate take their role, each according to his specialization in providing the necessary sums of money and the Interior and the Civil Defense Directorate.” Its role, according to its specialization, in providing the necessary sums to rehabilitate the infrastructure in relation to the requirements of occupational safety, and to define clear duties for the personnel of the protection of facilities within the health institutions, including the follow-up of safety and safety measures in general health departments in the governorates.
The decision stressed “the emphasis on all ministries and agencies not associated with a ministry, governorates and non-governmental institutions, especially the nature of the crowded presence of auditors on the necessity to take measures that would oblige their auditors to present a negative examination result for disease (Covid 19) when receiving the disease review card. For its employees and its spread among the auditors.
The decision included “the affirmation of ministries and bodies not associated with a ministry, governorates and all non-governmental institutions to take adequate measures to urge their employees to vaccinate, and to emphasize the loyal community forces of all religious men, clan sheikhs, educated and active people to assume national responsibility and morality and to intensify awareness of the danger of disease and the importance of vaccination.” Media channels, governmental and non-governmental institutions and all civil society organizations make all efforts to urge citizens to adhere to preventive measures and encourage citizens to take vaccinations in health centers and accredited hospitals, and to emphasize the Ministry of Interior and the National Security Agency, and to lead operations in Baghdad to support health teams in their monitoring rounds to follow up on implementation Preventive measures in public places, restaurants, malls, cafes, and others during and outside the official working hours.
The text of the decision affirmed, “the continuation of the exclusion of the excellent football tournament from the procedures of the Coronavirus pandemic, allowing it to continue without an audience, as well as other sporting events and activities that cannot be postponed.”

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