Al-Kazemi refers to an “unprecedented” security coordination between Baghdad and Erbil: it will curb terrorist attacks

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Shafaq News / On Sunday, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazimi mentioned an “unprecedented” security coordination that took place for the first time, between Baghdad and Erbil, that would end terrorist attacks in the disputed areas and the “security vacuum” areas.

Al-Kazemi stated, during his meeting with the presenters of a number of Iraqi satellite programs, that “the relationship between Baghdad and Erbil is at its best, the level of trust between the federal government and the regional government.”

He pointed out that he had “historical struggle relations with the Kurds from the days of the struggle against dictatorship, and with all Kurdish leaders, whether in Sulaymaniyah or Irbil, and that he tried to dismantle some of the elements of tension, and worked to dismantle a lot of misunderstanding, which contributed to approving the budget.”

On the 2021 budget, Al-Kazemi explained, “The budget contains a clear agreement between the federal government and the regional government, and it was approved in Parliament and covered with parliamentary support.”

He noted that “Baghdad is now in the final stage of approving and distributing the budget sections, and Kurdistan’s share will soon reach Erbil.”

On the disputed areas, the Prime Minister stressed that it is “a long problem, and it is illogical to solve it in two days, and there is a need to establish trust between Arabs and Kurds, which are areas not only with Erbil but throughout Iraq.”

He continued, “We have disputed areas. We need a more stable political situation than the current situation in order to build all elements of confidence,” noting that “a delegation to the region went earlier, and another delegation will go to find solutions regarding security coordination, which, unfortunately, are exploited by ISIS gangs and terrorist groups.” “.

Al-Kazemi expressed his confidence that “the regional government will cooperate with Baghdad’s proposals in this direction, because the security of the region is the security of Iraq and it is a collective responsibility.”

He pointed out that “representatives of the region attended for the first time in a security meeting in Baghdad, they discussed the issue of the disputed areas, which are sensitive and dangerous areas exploited by the enemy, and the two parties will work to solve their problem with a proposal submitted by Baghdad.”


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