Parliamentary Finance holds Parliament responsible for the delay in launching bonuses and promotions

17:54 – 05/08/20210

The information / Baghdad ..

The Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed, on Saturday, the reason for the delay in launching the bonuses and promotions, and while it indicated that there is a problem in the distribution of expenditures to the ministries by the Ministry of Finance, it confirmed the submission of a government challenge to the budget voted on by Parliament due to the reduction of its value.

A member of the committee, Majed Al-Waeli, said in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency, “The Council of Ministers submitted an appeal to the budget law before the Federal Court, because it believes that there is a problem in the allocations after reducing them,” explaining that “the government submitted a budget of 164 trillion dinars, and the Finance Committee Reduced it to 130 trillion. ”

Al-Waeli added, “This difference in the reduction has affected many allocations, including promotions and employee bonuses, as the government believes,” noting that “the financial committee had the original expense for the year 2020, and we did not want to expand unnecessary expenditures.”

He pointed out that “the government is awaiting appeal from the court in order to decide on all these matters.”

He pointed out that “the Ministries of Electricity and Interior issued official books confirming that there is a problem with salaries, and the Ministry of Finance, in turn, replied that there are 500 billion in which there is authority to transfer and fill the shortfall in compensation for employees’ salaries,” noting that “The Minister of Planning confirmed that the salaries of employees are insured for the end of the year,” But in general, there is a problem in allocating expenditures to ministries by the Ministry of Finance.

He warned, “Parliamentary Finance gave a table of total operational expenditures that contains additional operational expenditures, contains investment and capital expenditures, and has given authority to the Ministry of Finance to redistribute the allocations to each of the ministries according to the chapters in it.” Confusion, which is why bonuses and promotions have not been released yet. Ended / 25 o’clock

المالية النيابية تحمل البرلمان مسؤولية تأخر إطلاق العلاوات والترفيعات

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