The United States: A nuclear agreement is possible within weeks if Iran makes a political decision

170 Arab and international 05/06/2021 22:41 mum
Baghdad Today- Follow-up
A senior US State Department official said on Thursday that an understanding could be reached within weeks on how Washington and Tehran would resume their compliance with the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.
The US official added, “But this matter depends on Iran making a political decision to do so.”
A Saudi source reveals the Kingdom’s expectations from its talks with Iran
“Is it possible to see a joint return to compliance with the nuclear agreement in the coming weeks or an understanding on mutual compliance? Answer: Yes! It is possible,” he told reporters in a telephone briefing.
He continued, saying, “Is this likely? The answer: only time will tell us that, because the matter, as I said, is ultimately about a political decision that must be taken in Iran.”
He stated that Washington believes that it is in the US national security interest to resume compliance with the Iran nuclear deal if Iran does so

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