The National State Forces Alliance) … a new coalition that brings together al-Abadi and al-Hakim



Baghdad / Al-Mawred News

The victory coalition led by Haider al-Abadi announced, on Saturday, the formation of a new electoral alliance with the Alliance of State Forces and the forces involved in their destruction under the name of the “Alliance of National State Forces.”  

The coalition said in a statement, “After constructive talks and sharing the political vision towards the state’s crises and ways to save them, it was agreed, with the grace of God, to form a political electoral alliance between the Victory Coalition and the Alliance of State Forces and the forces involved in their destruction, under the name (Alliance of National State Forces).”  

He added, “The new alliance is a national, national political force that believes in the state and works to consolidate its principles and structure, and works to enhance the prestige and sovereignty of its legitimate institutions towards all the internal and external crises surrounding it.”  

He continued, “The new alliance hopes that the upcoming electoral process will be fair, fair and faithfully representative of the will of the people, and establish a sound political life that saves the system and the state from its crises in the service of the country and the citizen.”  

He concluded, “We will work for the state versus non-state, and we will fight for the safety of the homeland and the prosperity of the people, and God Almighty is behind the intention.”  

In turn, the new alliance “National State Forces” said in a statement that “I announced in Baghdad today the formation of a new political alliance called the Alliance of National State Forces through the merging of the Alliance of State Forces and Victory.”  

He added, “The new alliance is headed by Ammar al-Hakim, while Haider al-Abadi will assume the presidency of the leadership council of the alliance, and the new alliance includes political and other forces emanating from the October movement.”  

He stated, “The new coalition adopts an approach to building and strengthening the state, leading to building a state, effective institutions that take upon themselves to consolidate the foundations of law and order and serve the community.

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