Iraq is the seventh richest country in the Arab world and the 105th in the world

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Shafaq News / Iraq ranked seventh in the Arab world, and ranked 105 globally out of 140 countries listed in the list of the richest countries in the world for the year 2021 in terms of per capita share of GDP, according to the American CEO World magazine.

The magazine said in a report seen by Shafaq News: The State of Qatar ranked first as the richest Arab country, while it ranked 10 in the world, as the per capita share of Qatari GDP reached 59,143 thousand dollars, followed by the UAE 26 globally with a share of 35,171 thousand dollars, Kuwait 39 globally with a share of 25,290 thousand dollars and Bahrain 41 in the world, where the per capita share reached Of the GDP, 24,294 thousand dollars, then Saudi Arabia 43 globally, with a share of 22.7 thousand dollars, and Oman 51 globally, with a share of 16,212 thousand dollars, and Iraq came in seventh and ranked 105 globally, with a share of 4,632 thousand dollars.

Globally, Luxembourg was the richest country in the world in 2021, with a per capita GDP of 131,782 thousand, followed by Switzerland with a share of 94,696 thousand dollars, then Ireland with a share of 94,556 thousand dollars, then Norway with a share of 81,995 thousand, and the United States of America came in fifth place, with a per capita share. With a gross domestic product of 68.309 thousand dollars, while the Ivory Coast state tops the list with 2567 thousand dollars, preceded by the state of Honduras, 2586 thousand dollars.

What is meant by the gross domestic product is the market value of all final goods and services locally in a country, that is, what is produced within the country during a specific period of time, and helps in measuring the standard of living of the individual. Thus, the total income increases, and ultimately the per capita income increases.

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