Foreign labor causes the removal of hard currency from Iraq

Political| 03:59 – 05/01/2021


BAGHDAD – Mawazine News
The Labor and Social Affairs Committee confirmed, on Saturday, that foreign workers are causing the removal of hard currency from the country.
A member of the committee, Representative Sattar Al-Attabi, according to the official agency, said, “Most of the foreign workers in the country enter legally, but many workers refrain from leaving when their stay ends, which makes their presence illegal,” pointing out that “it is difficult to know how many The money that comes out of Iraq through expatriate workers because there is no statistic at the Ministry of Labor and the authorities concerned with the number of foreign workers.
Al-Atabi added, “The money they obtain is all coming out in hard currency, and this is a blow to the Iraqi economy,” noting that “the entry of that employment had a negative impact and caused an increase in the number of unemployed.”
He explained, “The Iraqi workforce is linked to family, transportation, housing and other matters, and it is completely different from the expatriate worker whose headquarters and residence are inside the workplace, and therefore his wages are lower,” calling on the government to “review the file of the expatriate workers and end the illegal presence of those who have expired. Establishing it with the aim of providing employment opportunities for the Iraqi workforce and the advancement of the Iraqi economy. ”
He stressed, “The government and the Ministry of Interior have launched several campaigns to deport those who have exceeded the legal periods of residence, but the numbers are still very large, in addition to the presence of concealment and concealment of foreign workers from some homes and owners of factories, stations and restaurants from the eyes of the Ministry of Interior.”
He stressed “the necessity of issuing strict directives that achieve direct communication between the ministries of labor and the interior to end this phenomenon, pointing out that” the number of foreign workers is estimated in the hundreds of thousands. “


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