The Kurdish delegation postpones its visit to Baghdad until next week

18:37 – 29/04/20210

The information / Erbil …

A member of the Kurdistan Regional Parliament, Bahjat Ali, revealed, on Sunday, that the Kurdish delegation that was scheduled to visit the capital, Baghdad, postponed its visit to next week.

“The postponement of the visit came at the request of the federal government, and the regional government is ready at any time to discuss the implementation of the budget agreement, which entered into force,” Ali told / Al-Maouma.

He added that “a delegation consisting of a group of ministers will visit Baghdad next week, to meet with the ministers of finance, oil and planning in the federal government and an understanding on how to deliver oil from the region to Baghdad, and also send the funds allocated to Kurdistan by the federal government.”

An informed source confirmed that there are differences between the oil companies and the regional government that prevent the delivery of oil by Kurdistan and put it in the accounts of SOMO. Ended 25 p

الوفد الكردي يؤجل زيارته لبغداد إلى الأسبوع المقبل

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