Hussein confirms that an Iranian-Saudi meeting will be held in Baghdad and that reveals secret negotiations

Time: 04/27/2021 23:17:18 Read: 2,249 times

Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein: The

reciprocal visits from Iraq and the countries of the world and the neighborhood are not courtesy and not protocol, but rather with practical programs, most of which are related to coordination on political issues, exchanging views on regional issues and pushing tensions on them, in addition to economic issues.

We have many problems in the economic and financial reality, oil, the private sector, gas and electricity. And the energy, agriculture and other file, and these are all issues that must be raised, discussed and cooperated with other countries regarding them. 

We are not neutral in the sense that we are with the right against falsehood, not in this concept, but are neutral with the interests of Iraq. 

Regional and international interventions are reflected in the Iraqi reality and

we deal with everyone and we do not enter into the axes of one country against another 

. The contradictions in the relations between the countries of the region and it is the only allowance that communicates with everyone regardless of the relations of other countries with each other

Iraq is frank in raising issues in the region.

We have internal files that have problems and need to be addressed. This can be achieved with neighboring countries.

Iraq played a role in the rapprochement of relations between Egypt and Turkey.

I read in the press that there was a diplomatic meeting between Iran and Saudi Arabia and I am happy with this meeting and Iraq plays a role on this side. 

Iraq was A victim of the Iranian-American conflict in the region, 

communicating with former US President Donald Trump was difficult and personalizing the issues

Our relations are good with Washington and Iran, and when I spoke with the officials of the two countries, they said that we are free to talk with the other. The 

process of US-Iranian negotiations will continue, turning points may occur in it, and some negotiations between the two countries have been unannounced and secret negotiations for a year and a half.

Some of the neighboring countries had a position on regime change in Iraq after 2003. We

passed the discontinuity stage between Iraq and Saudi Arabia and entered the issue of understandings and cooperation in various fields, and the joint ministerial council between them and some neighboring countries and the region. 

Saudi companies are ready to come to Iraq, but some security events make them await but do not back down. On its investment decision

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