Hinting at “difficult decisions” .. Al-Kazemi sends a stern warning to the ministers

Time: 04/27/2021 15:16:35 Read: 2,951 times

{Local: Al Furat News} The Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, confirmed, on Tuesday, that he is personally following the file of the investigation into the Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital fire accident.

Al-Kazemi said during the regular cabinet session that was held today, “The members of the investigation team into the Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital accident are working around the clock with personal follow-up from me, and we are awaiting their report at the date we have set, and we will fully approve its results.”

He noted that “the ministers must go to their departments and field work to follow up the citizens’ requirements, solve problems and facilitate procedures, as well as review safety procedures in all buildings,” adding, “We have evaluations of ministers and officials and we will take difficult decisions, so our goal is to serve our people and correct the situation, to reach early elections.” Honest. ”

He stressed that “the Ministry of the Interior must deal firmly, and according to the law, with anyone who offends internal security in Iraq and endangers the lives of citizens.”

And Al-Kazemi said, “The current government is a government of services and does not seek electoral competition to achieve political goals, as it has set its sights on serving the citizen first and foremost.”

The prime minister pointed out that “ministers should remember that they came for service reasons to serve our people, and not for political goals, before considering running for elections, and they should not exploit their ministries for the elections.”

The prime minister affirmed that he “will not allow ministerial sites to become electoral machines, and I categorically reject any exploitation of the state’s capabilities by the candidates.”



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