Al-Kazemi decides to withdraw the hand of three senior officials, including the Minister of Health







2021-04-25 07:17



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Shafaq News / On Sunday, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi decided to withdraw the hand of three senior officials, including Minister of Health and Environment, Hassan Al-Tamimi, due to the fire that broke out in the “Ibn Al-Khatib” hospital for isolating those infected with Corona virus, and its impact fell among dozens of victims and wounded.

During the extraordinary session, Al-Kazemi decided to conduct an investigation headed by Minister of Interior Othman Al-Ghanimi, the membership of each of: the Minister of Planning, the Minister of Justice, the Head of the Integrity Commission, the President of the Federal Financial Supervision Bureau, and a representative of the House of Representatives / an observer member.

A statement issued by the government received by Shafaq News indicated that the investigation will take place into the fire at Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital, identifying the negligent persons and holding them accountable.

It also decided to withdraw the hand of the Minister of Health, the Governor of Baghdad, and the Director General of the Rusafa Health Department, and refer them to investigation.

The statement noted that the above investigation is completed within five days, and the report is submitted to the Council of Ministers, and experts in the field of interior and health can be sought.


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