A statement by the Commander-in-Chief about the foreign withdrawal from Iraq and the bombing of military bases

Political | 01:56 – 04/24/2021

Baghdad – Mawazine News

, the spokesman for the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Major General Yahya Rasoul, confirmed, on Saturday, that the schedule for the withdrawal of foreign forces is determined by the technical committees within the strategic dialogue.

Rasul said, according to the official agency, that “there is a schedule for the withdrawal of foreign forces during periods to be determined after the meeting of the technical committee that was formed under the command of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, headed by the Chief of Staff of the Army to manage this file within the strategic dialogue,” pointing out that “Iraq does not need Any American or foreign soldier carrying arms and fighting with the Iraqi forces does not need fighters on the ground except for the Iraqi forces. ”

He added that“ Iraq works with NATO and the purpose of this topic is training and equipment of the military leadership, ”stressing that“ Iraq has trained and capable forces. To defend the country and the people. ”

Rasul explained that “the investigation committees are continuing and the intelligence effort is continuing with regard to targeting headquarters, airports and international missions with missiles and pursuing the sources of bombing.”

He pointed out that “targeting the airport or any area with missiles, which are not smart missiles, are located on Iraqi military installations and bases and victims are Iraqis.” Capabilities of the armed forces fully to be able to protect the country. ”

He pointed out that “the fact that some armed groups did a certain movement or show, this is an incorrect message because everyone fought terrorism,” stressing that ”


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