With the follow-up of Al-Kazemi … a new Iranian-Saudi round of talks in Baghdad






2021-04-23 10:42



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Shafaq News / A former Iranian ambassador said that the second round of Saudi-Iranian talks will be held in the coming days, with a personal follow-up from Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi.

The Iranian “Etimad Online” website quoted the unnamed ambassador as saying, “The study of Saudi allegations of Iran’s support for the Houthis, the situation in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and Bahrain and Riyadh’s interference in the nuclear negotiations will be one of the most important topics on the meeting’s agenda.”

He added, “The differences between the two countries are not few, and we need a lot of time to study these differences and find an objective solution to them.”

On China’s role in organizing the previous meeting between the two countries, the Iranian diplomat pointed out that “China had no role in arranging the meetings, and they were carried out at the request and follow-up of the Iraqi prime minister.”

According to press reports, “the beginning of this month witnessed a secret meeting between security officials and diplomats from Riyadh and Tehran in the capital, Baghdad, and it was the beginning of serious negotiations between the two countries.”

The meeting was held in a secret atmosphere, with preparations exclusively prepared by Al-Kazemi’s office, without the interference of any other Iraqi party, according to reports.


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