Pictures … a wounded man was killed in a missile attack on an American base at Baghdad Airport (update)



Baghdad airport

Missile attack

2021-04-22 16:32



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Shafaq News / A security source stated that a missile attack had been launched Thursday evening on the American military base inside Baghdad International Airport.

The source told Shafaq News, “Unidentified people fired three missiles at the US military base at Baghdad International Airport, one of which landed near the airfield of the US forces.” 

He continued, “The other two rockets landed near the caravans of the central prison protection at the military airport near the US military base, causing injury to a prison protection officer, an Iraqi,.

The source pointed out that preliminary information indicated that there were no casualties in the attack, adding that the “C-RAM” anti-battery system did not work to repel the attack.

And the source added that the Iraqi forces found a missile launcher within the approaches to the Al-Jihad neighborhood, near the airport, to the east.

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