Harb: The judicial acceptance of appealing a paragraph or article from the budget does not mean stopping it

13:37 – 22/04/2021


The information / Baghdad ..

Legal expert Tariq Harb confirmed, on Thursday, that accepting any appeal with the provisions of the budget paragraphs or articles approved for this year does not mean stopping work with the rest of the articles or other paragraphs of the law, indicating that accepting the appeal with one or two paragraphs of a specific article will not stop the rest of the paragraphs with the same legal article.

Harb said in a statement to “the information”, that “when the government announced through its official spokesperson that it will file appeals in some paragraphs, especially in the field of electricity sector, to the Federal Court, it is not necessary for the rest of the articles to stop in the Federal Budget Law.”

He added, “If the court accepts the appeal with an article or paragraph of the federal budget, the law will not be stopped in its entirety, or even acceptance of the appeal with one or two paragraphs of one article does not apply to the rest of the other paragraphs, and it will be active and effective.”

It is noteworthy that the government spokesman, Hassan Nazim, announced during his weekly press conference, His Holiness, (Al-Maaloumah), that the government will file an appeal on some paragraphs of the budget with the Federal Supreme Court.



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