The Kurdistan government sets the date for preparing the region’s budget law and makes clear about salary deductions

104 Policy 2021/04/21 17:37

Baghdad today – Kurdistan 

The spokesman for the Kurdistan Regional Government, Gutiar Adel, announced today, Wednesday, that the draft budget law for 2021 in the region will be prepared next week.

Regarding the salary deduction, Adel said during a press conference, “So far, the salary deduction scenario has not been resolved, because we are awaiting the next regional cabinet meeting, and on the basis of revenues, a decision will be issued on the issue of withholding salaries.”

Regarding the working hours of the region’s employees, the government spokesman added: “Unfortunately, there is always negligence in the departments of the Sulaymaniyah governorate administration, and we asked the governor to work on this issue and follow it up.”

He pointed out that “the Kurdistan Regional Government is ready to implement the federal budget law and is waiting for Baghdad to set a time to visit Baghdad to implement the agreement and the content of the budget law.”

Adel also spoke, “The Supreme Committee to Combat Corona will meet soon and will decide on the basis of the Health and Education Report on Corona’s conditions inside schools regarding the education process.”


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