Kurdistan announces a new round of talks with Baghdad … and Barzani sends a message to Kazemi

306 Policy 2021/04/21 11:42 ha

Baghdad today – Erbil

The President of the Cabinet of the Council of Ministers of Kurdistan announced, on Wednesday (April 21, 2021), a new round of talks between Baghdad and the region, while noting that Barzani sent a message to Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi regarding the implementation of the commitments.

The Chief of the Court, Omid Sabah, told reporters, on the sidelines of a council meeting, that “the regional government is preparing for new discussions with the federal government to implement the provisions of the general budget for the year 2021,” stressing that “Erbil is committed to the resulting agreement on the budget.”

He added, “There is a willingness for the region’s delegation to visit Baghdad again to continue the dialogues,” noting that “this time the talks with Baghdad will come within the framework of implementation, and we in the Kurdistan region have shown our full readiness to implement the agreement between Erbil and Baghdad related to the budget.” “.

Sabah explained, “The Prime Minister of the region, Masrour Barzani, sent a letter to the Prime Minister of the Federal Government, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, in which the first expressed full readiness to implement any obligations arising from Kurdistan.”

He pointed out, “This delegation will be a specialist and composed of the Minister of Natural Resources, the Minister of Finance, Economy, and the Chief of the Board of Financial Supervision in the region, as they will hold discussions with the Minister of Oil, the Minister of Finance, and the President of the Federal Financial Supervision Bureau.”


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