Jordanian MPs call to activate the agreements with Iraq

Political | 06:35 – 04/18/2021

BAGHDAD – Mawazine News

, Jordanian MPs called, on Sunday, to activate agreements between Jordan and Iraq, including connecting electricity and extending an oil pipeline.

The head of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the Jordanian Parliament, Mirza Boulad, stressed the importance of the strong Jordanian-Iraqi relationship, and that the security of Iraq is an integral part of Jordan’s security.

During the committee’s meeting today, Sunday, with the Iraqi ambassador to the Kingdom, Haider Al-Athari, according to the Jordan News Agency, “Petra”, that “this deep-rooted historical relationship has been established by the leaderships of the two countries,” stressing the importance of encouraging investment between the two brotherly countries, and that the Jordanian investor should be given priority and preference. To work in the reconstruction of Iraq, as well as to facilitate support for Jordanian investment in Iraq, and to facilitate all tasks and overcome difficulties for the Iraqi investor in the Kingdom.

For their part, the Jordanian representatives: Ali Al-Ghazzawi, Ayman Al-Madanat, Hayel Ayyash, Abdel-Rahim Al-Awaisheh, Zaid Al-Atoum, Majdi Yaqoub, Khaled Al-Bustanji, Khaldoun Hayna and Shadi Freij, expressed their “pride and pride in the relationship between the two countries,” recalling “Iraq’s honorable stances towards Jordan in the various difficult situations it has gone through. “.

The deputies called for “activating the agreements between the two countries, such as the electrical interconnection project and the border region intended to be established on the border area between them, as well as the supply of the oil pipeline and many agreements.”

In turn, praised the Iraqi ambassador, Haider Alathari, “the level reached by the relationship between the two brotherly countries,” pointing out that “Jordan is the lung and breathing of Iraq.”

Al-Azhari emphasized that,

He pointed out that “a meeting brought together the Prime Minister of Iraq Al-Kazemi and Jordan, Bishr Al-Khasawneh, at the end of last January in Baghdad, which included several concerned ministers, during which many agreements between the two countries were activated.”

Regarding the industrial zone to be established on the borders between the two countries and the electrical connection, Al-Athari said that “long strides have been made in this,” calling at the same time to “activate the relationship between the Jordanian and Iraqi parliaments, especially the Foreign Affairs Committee in the two parliaments.” Ended 29 / A 43

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