The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) links the bombing of Erbil with an attempt to undermine the results of the region’s president’s visit to Baghdad




Nechirvan Barzani



Territory President

2021-04-16 07:25



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Shafaq News / The Kurdistan Democratic Party bloc in the Iraqi parliament described today, Friday, targeting the city of Erbil with missiles or drones launched by some parties as “bankrupt electoral propaganda and miserable attempts” to undermine the understandings and rapprochement between Baghdad and the Kurdistan government.

The deputy head of the Democratic Party bloc in the Iraqi parliament, Bashar al-Kiki, told Shafaq News that the purpose of repeatedly targeting Erbil is not the American presence in Erbil or other areas of Iraq, because the American forces are present with the approval of the federal government, and there are ongoing negotiations within the strategic framework agreement between the two countries . 

He considered the recent targeting of Erbil airport as “a very dangerous development, as if we were in a state of war,” noting that “the goals, timing and quality chosen by the dark groups are very clear, and they are the same parties that burned the headquarters of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Baghdad.”

Al-Kiki noted that the authorities who masterminded and executed the Erbil attack are seeking to use the language of death and blood in early electoral advertisements, after losing the confidence of the aggrieved Iraqi street and its rejected bloody displays.

He continued by saying that this targeting was a response to the successful visit of the President of Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani, to Baghdad. The closer Erbil is to Baghdad, the more likely it is to be targeted. 

Earlier this week, the region’s president made a three-day visit to the capital, Baghdad, and held meetings and meetings with the presidents of the republic, the Iraqi government, the House of Representatives, leaders and senior officials of the Iraqi political forces and parties.

A statement issued by the region’s Ra`ah stated that President Barzani discussed during the meetings in Baghdad with the leaders and officials of the country about the Iraqi political, security, economic and health situations, the problems of Erbil – Baghdad, the dangers of terrorism and the importance of creating a common vision and understanding for the future of Iraq, adding that he put forward for discussion the status and Iraqi international relations.

Al-Kiki went on to say, “We are looking for solutions and a quick solution to stop this targeting because it will destabilize security in the region, not just Erbil.” The situation and taking those areas as a starting point for striking Kurdistan. 

The Vice-President of the Democratic Bloc also renewed the demands of activating the coordination offices between the army and the Peshmerga (Regional Guard) in the disputed areas to address the ongoing targeting of Irbil, which now affects civilians and threatens their security, in addition to expanding the air defense system to protect Erbil airport and the international coalition forces there.

According to al-Kiki, the parties who masterminded and carried out the attacks against Erbil are the same ones that are trying to disrupt the Sinjar Agreement, and pressure on the Kurdistan region and the leadership of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in order to dissuade them from their policy based on balance and preserve the gains of the people of Kurdistan and strengthen the relationship with Baghdad in accordance with the constitution.

The deputy head of the Democratic Party bloc in the Iraqi parliament concluded a statement by saying: The dark people have targeted Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Region, as it is the developed face of federal Iraq and a haven for all nationalities and sects without any ethnic or sectarian discrimination.

On Wednesday evening, Erbil airport was attacked by a drone carrying explosives targeting an international coalition center, which caused damage to one of the buildings.

Another violent attack targeted the airport in mid-February with 14 missiles that landed inside and around it, killing a foreign contractor (working for the international coalition) and an Iraqi citizen, and wounding 5 American soldiers and two civilians, according to the Kurdistan Region authorities.

On the third of last March, the provincial authorities announced the arrest of two suspects and the search for two others, which they said were behind the missile attack, one of whom was from the “Kataeb Sayyid al-Shuhada” faction.

 The Federal Ministry of the Interior and the Kurdistan Region considered in a joint statement on Thursday the 16th of April that the recent attack on Erbil airport aimed at striking the recent consensus in relations between Baghdad and the region.

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