Rocket attack targeting a camp where Turkish soldiers are present in Nineveh Governorate



Turkish army


Missile bombing

2021-04-14 14:10



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Shafaq News / A high-ranking security source in Nineveh Governorate stated, on Wednesday, that a camp where the Turkish army is present was subjected to missile strikes, indicating that the bombing resulted in the injury of a civilian.

The source told Shafaq News that two missiles targeted Zelikan camp in Bashiqa district, north of Nineveh, where the Turkish forces are present, one of the two missiles fell inside the camp and the losses it caused were not known yet.

He added that the second missile landed in the village of Zelikan, close to the camp, wounding a young woman moderately, noting that the source of the missiles is still unknown.

While a security source indicated, in a statement to Shafaq News, that the camp was attacked by three missiles fired from the Shalalat area in Nineveh, indicating that the camp in which the Turkish army and Iraqi forces are located.

The source confirmed that one of the rockets hit the village of Kudat, near the camp, wounding a woman.

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