Washington agrees to leave its forces from Iraq

Political | 07:41 – 13/04/2021

BAGHDAD – Mawazine News

The Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee revealed, on Tuesday, that the joint committee between Iraq and the United States of America concerned with the strategic dialogue had informed it of Washington’s approval to leave its combat forces from Iraq.

Committee member Badr Al-Ziyadi said, in a televised interview, that “the joint committee informed the parliamentary Security and Defense Committee of America’s approval to leave its combat forces from Iraq in compliance with what was stated in the third round of the strategic dialogue,” pointing out that “Washington’s approval quickly surprised the committee and this matter.” good”.

He added that “activating the agreement between Baghdad and Washington is important in strengthening relations between the two parties,” noting that “the forces that will remain in Iraq according to the recent agreement are training, not combat.”


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