The President of the Republic announces the signing of the decree on holding early elections on October 10

118 Policy 2021/04/12 16:51

The most prominent of what was stated in the speech of the President of the Republic, Barham, during his issuance of the republican decree on holding the elections on October 10.

المقبلة The upcoming elections are important, articulated and foundational, and they come after an uprising popular movement demanding reform and correcting paths, and securing the right of Iraqis to choose their representatives away from pressures, blackmail and stealing their votes is a top priority, to get out of the deposits and accumulations of the previous stages.

We call on everyone to prepare for the elections, to participate seriously in them, and to express free will, as elections are an opportunity to realize the noble aspirations of the people. 

Let our electoral voices be decisive and resolute in affirming the transition in Iraq to a stage in which it is more advanced, fair, stable and independent.

المعنية The concerned state institutions are called to accelerate the fulfillment of the requirements for conducting fair elections, in a way that removes the concerns and doubts that were a major cause of the reluctance of not a few citizens from the previous elections.

It is imperative to create the political climate required to alleviate suffering and achieve justice in choosing strong legislative and executive powers capable of preserving sovereignty, preserving the state and its prestige, and establishing justice among citizens. 

The need for effective and serious work and coordination between the United Nations and the Election Commission to ensure UN oversight and ensure the integrity of the electoral process in a way that contributes to its success, and in a way that guarantees sovereignty and respect for the independent decision of the Iraqis.

The elections will take place in conditions that we appreciate and definitely appreciate its difficulties, from the Corona pandemic and the security challenge in confronting terrorism and outlaws, but we rely on the importance of our security services and our people’s awareness of bearing responsibility in maintaining the security of elections and voters.

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