The Lebanese Prime Minister is visiting Iraq this month to sign agreements





2021-04-09 05:34



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Shafaq News / On Friday, Lebanese media reported that a high-level Lebanese delegation will visit Iraq this month to sign preliminary agreements in the field of oil and health.

The media mentioned that the delegation will visit Iraq on April 17 and 18, headed by Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab, along with the ministers of agriculture, industry, health, tourism and energy, to discuss areas of bilateral cooperation between the two countries and sign agreements.

She indicated that the visit will include the signing of a preliminary agreement to obtain 500 thousand tons of Iraqi oil in exchange for Lebanese health and medical services, with the amount subsequently reaching more than two million tons of oil.

And the media indicated that after the initials signing, joint committees will draw up the final agreement in preparation for approval, adding that the Lebanese ministers are expected to offer their Iraqi counterparts opportunities for cooperation in various fields, and to discuss the possibility of expanding the cooperation agreement.

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