The US Secretary of State tweets a day before the start of the strategic dialogue with Iraq

204 Policy 04/06/2021 17:46

Baghdad Today – Baghdad

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said today, Tuesday (April 6, 2021), that he looks forward to speaking with his Iraqi counterparts, Fuad Hussein, in the strategic dialogue between the United States and Iraq.

“I look forward to talking with my Iraqi counterpart, Fuad Hussein, about the strategic dialogue between the United States and Iraq,” Anthony Blinken wrote in a tweet the day before the return of the strategic dialogue between Baghdad and Washington.

“We will review progress made in each area of our broad and strategic partnership,” he added.

Fawzi Hariri, head of the Kurdistan Region delegation in the Iraqi team negotiating with the strategic dialogue with the United States of America, which is scheduled to hold a new round tomorrow, Wednesday, said that the Iraqi delegation, including the representatives of the region, did not demand in previous rounds during the era of former US President Donald Trump to remove the forces. American from Iraq.

Hariri said in a press statement followed by (Baghdad Today), “The new round of dialogue will be held on Wednesday, within a closed television circuit, and the region will represent the same delegation participating in the previous round,” indicating that “it is expected that the dialogue will return to point zero, especially After the change of the US administration, and the advent of Democratic President Joe Biden, we will work to find out the orientations of this administration regarding Iraq. ”

Regarding the region’s delegation’s role in the negotiations, Hariri said, “The region’s delegation works to represent the region’s demands within the Iraqi team, especially since these negotiations are official between two countries, and the region being part of Iraq works within the Iraqi team, in addition to some aspects related to the region in particular.”

Regarding the extent to which the region’s demands are consistent with the demands of the Baghdad team, especially with regard to the remaining US forces in Iraq, Hariri said that “the demands of withdrawing US forces from Iraq were adopted by political parties, in exchange for other political parties that adopt the retention of these forces, but the Iraqi negotiating team with all its members It has not been adopted to remove the US forces from Iraq.

And he indicated, “The team is made up of military, security and political experts, and it works to assess the need for the survival of these forces according to scientific data, by studying the Iraqi reality, and all data indicate the need for Iraqi forces to support US forces, through informational and logistical support, in addition to Air cover. ”

He pointed out that “the regional delegation agrees with this approach, as we believe that the region still needs to support these forces in dealing with terrorist attacks, and our forces alone cannot deal with the risks that we may be exposed to.”

The strategic dialogue between Iraq and the United States of America will be held on the seventh of April, and will include security, combating terrorism, economy and energy, according to what the US State Department announced.

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