Parliamentary Finance reveals the size of the internal and external borrowings in the budget

Economie | 08:11 – 05/04/2021

BAGHDAD – Mawazine News

The Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed, on Monday, the volume of internal and external borrowing in the 2021 budget.

The head of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Haitham Al-Jubouri, said, according to the official agency, that “the total of new borrowing in the 2021 external budget amounts to more than two billion dollars as a ceiling, but Real borrowing does not exceed 350 million dollars, as for the internal debt, it will not exceed 5 trillion from the central bank when needed. ”

Al-Jubouri added, “There is a paragraph in the 2021 budget that includes fixing contractors by introducing job grades on the condition that they bear the relevant department expenses without burdening the state treasury with financial burdens.”

He pointed out that “the current year’s budget included job grades for the ministries of health, service departments, water and sewage, and the Baghdad Municipality, and the Federal Service Council will supervise them.”

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