It will continue for five years and 600 pending procedures. Allawi reveals the second part of the white paper

Political | 07:04 – 05/04/2021

Baghdad – Mawazine News

The Minister of Finance, Ali Allawi, revealed, on Monday, the second part of the White Paper.

“The white paper consists of two parts, the first is a survey and an explanation of the reality of Iraq’s economic history since 2003, in addition to the basic problems,” Allawi said in a video clip published by the Iraqi government via Twitter.

He added, “We have identified 600 procedures that were included in the second part of the white paper, which provided the institutional structure for reform processes, plus the required measures over a certain period of time.”

He continued: “We expect that the implementation of the White Paper will last between 3-5 years and the Council of Ministers has agreed to form the Supreme Committee for Reform to take it upon itself to implement the White Paper in cooperation with the relevant ministries and the House of Representatives.” Ended 29 / H


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