The Kurdish government delegation headed by Talabani arrives in the Iraqi parliament

Kurdistan Region


The Iraqi Parliament

Qubad Talabani

2021-03-31 12:31



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Shafaq News / A Kurdish government delegation arrived, on Wednesday, to the Iraqi Parliament to accompany the vote on the budget law.

Shafaq News Agency correspondent said, that the delegation headed by the deputy head of the regional government, Qubad Talabani, arrived in the parliament and went to the headquarters of the Kurdish parliamentary blocs, in order to closely look at the vote on the paragraphs of the Federal Budget Law for the year 2021, and to ensure that the quorum for the session was not broken.

The House of Representatives held today a voting session on the budget law, and the session witnessed the withdrawal of the State of Law and the National Approach blocs and a number of deputies, while the session continued under the chairmanship of Muhammad al-Halbousi, and the vote was taken on all articles of the budget law.

The Iraqi parliament also voted on Article 11 of the General Budget Law for the Kurdistan Region’s share, after months of tugging.


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