The exchange rate rises significantly in conjunction with the vote on the 2021 budget

1,607 Sweeteners 2021/03/31 20:29

Baghdad Today – Baghdad

The exchange rate of the US dollar against the Iraqi dinar recorded a significant increase in the last hour, in conjunction with the holding of the voting session on the general budget.

The exchange rate increased by 500 dinars per 100 dollars after the start of voting on the budget, to reach 146,250 dinars in Baghdad’s exchange for sale, while the purchase price was 145,250.

The exchange rate rose to 146,500 for sale in the Kurdistan region for sale and 145,250 for purchase, while 1460 dinars were recorded for sale in most southern cities and 1450 for purchase.

The council voted earlier on the first article of the 2021 budget, which included fixing the exchange rate at 1450 dinars to the dollar.

Today, Baghdad publishes the most prominent paragraphs and articles voted on during the budget voting session so far.

– Voting on the rights of martyrs affirmed in Article 29 

– Compensation for those affected by terrorist acts

– Voting on disbursing end-of-service benefits to former army personnel

– Abolishing Article 20 of taxing employee salaries

– The Ministries of Defense and Interior are obligated to transfer the ranks of those who have a bachelor’s degree to civil owners of the same Ministry.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs contracts with a thousand people as a social researcher.

– The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities

contracts with 150 people for the purpose of covering their needs – Include all allocations of contracts and lecturers in the Ministry of Education

– Appointment of medical and health professionals, scientists, first graduates and holders of higher degrees

– Abolishing Article 20 of taxes on employee salaries

– Allocating 400 billion dinars for the Faw port project.

Allocating $ 30 million for water desalination projects in Basra.

Allocating funds for health to build fast-track hospitals with a capacity of 100 beds.

Allocating funds to build 1000 schools in various governorates, according to the population percentage.

– Allocating the necessary funds for the development and reconstruction of Sadr City.

– Voting on Article 11 regarding the Kurdistan region’s budget share

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