Sairoun: There is no disagreement with the other Shiite forces, and we will enter the voting session together

15:57 – 03/30/2021


Information / Special …

The Saeron Alliance confirmed, on Tuesday, that there are no differences between it and the other alliances, considering what it is promoting is false.

“The voting session on the 2021 budget will be tomorrow, Wednesday, and this is agreed upon between the blocs and there are no disagreements with the rest of the forces, as some Kurdish parties envision,” said a member of the coalition, MP Badr Al-Ziyadi, in a statement to the agency.

He added, “The difference of opinions with the rest of the forces is a natural and possible matter, and tomorrow we will enter the voting session on the budget together, and he has any forms or opinion that he can present in the session to listen to him.”

He pointed out that “some parties are trying to fabricate perceptions of a disagreement between us and the rest of the Shiite forces, and this matter is untrue, as everything that exists is merely a difference in views.”


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