Al-Kazemi: We hope to stay away from auctions on the issue of the dollar exchange rate

2021.03.30 – 15:16

Baghdad – People   

Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi confirmed, on Tuesday, that challenges continue in the country due to the nature of the situation, which requires an effort to overcome them.     


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Al-Kazemi said in a statement regarding the cabinet session, “People” received a copy of it (March 30, 2021): “Challenges continue in the country due to the nature of the situation, which requires the solidarity and cooperation of everyone to overcome them.”   

On the issue of the exchange rate, the Prime Minister called for “staying away from auctions in the issue of the dollar exchange rate, as the decision was taken by the Central Bank in accordance with a vision and a targeted strategy, and we began to see the results on the growth of monetary reserves, and on Iraq’s international credit rating.”  

Al-Kazemi said that he “looks forward to speeding up the approval of the federal budget law, and the paragraphs it contains that address the needs of the poorest classes, and support service projects that affect the life of the citizen.”  

The Prime Minister directed “all ministries to work with all their efforts to support the Ministry of Trade in order to distribute the ration card items to citizens and not to give some merchants an opportunity to exploit the citizen’s needs.”  

He continued, “We directed the Ministry of the Interior and the National Security Agency to monitor the irrational rise in prices as a result of the greed of some merchants.”  

Al-Kazemi called on the ministries to work diligently to support reform decisions according to the strategy prepared for them, and pressures must be faced with patience and action.

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