The budget goes beyond the most difficult .. a deputy expects the date of the vote and confirms: We have reached the stage of final understandings

2,604 Policy 2021/03/29 21:02

Baghdad Today – Follow-up 

Today, Monday, a member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Muhammad al-Shabki, spoke about a breakthrough in the file of passing the country’s fiscal budget for the year 2021, and while he indicated that the political blocs had reached the final stages of understandings, he expected a date to vote on approving the budget.

Muhammad al-Shabaki said, in a televised interview, followed by (Baghdad Today), that “there has been an agreement on the text of Article 11 concerning the share of Kurdistan between political forces, and it stipulates that what exceeds the export of 460 thousand barrels per day, excluding the costs of production, transportation, operation, domestic consumption and the dollar percentage What increases the value of the oil produced goes to the federal government. ”

Al-Shabaki added, “It was also agreed on a method for financial settlement from 2004-2020, while the necessity for Kurdistan to pay its obligations on a monthly basis was confirmed, provided that the government hand over the rights of the region monthly.”

He continued, “It was agreed to hand over half of the imports of the border crossings and the rest of the non-oil revenues monthly to the Iraqi Ministry of Finance.”

A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee pointed out that “the dialogues approached the understandings and solved the problem of foreign loans after the blocks objected to the loans being followed up by the Ministry of Finance and the abolition of the objection to the text of the loans and obtained flexibility.”

Al-Shabky emphasized, “We passed the stage of agreements and consensuses to the stage of final understandings, and we have come a long way, and the budget may be ready for voting within days,” suggesting that the budget will be voted on “before the end of this week.”

And Mohamed Al-Shabky stated, “The budget included financial allocations for all contracts and wages covered by Resolution 315, and the lecturers, in its final version.”

The House of Representatives was supposed to hold its session to vote on the draft federal budget law for the current year, on Sunday, but the persistent differences between the political blocs pushed it to postpone and leave the parliament room.

A parliamentary source inside the House of Representatives stated that the Presidency of Parliament officially informed the MPs to postpone the session to vote on the budget without setting a specific date, after the failure of the dialogues and negotiations on the disputed paragraphs, including the exchange rate.

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