State of law demands the return of the dollar exchange to its previous price


2021-03-28 | 17:29

The State of Law coalition demanded, on Sunday, to restore the dollar’s exchange rate to its previous price, calling for the cancellation of foreign loans because they are not needed

Ammar al-Shibli, a member of the bloc, said during a press conference in Parliament, “The State of Law bloc affirms that it is with its audience in achieving justice and fairness in the 2021 budget, and reaffirms its clear positions that it expressed through statements, statements and official correspondence, which is summed up in the distribution of the final agreed formula. On it for the draft budget with detailed tables in advance of a sufficient period of time for all members of the House of Representatives to be viewed and to ensure that some paragraphs are not tampered with before the voting session.


He added that his bloc “calls for the return of the dollar exchange rate to its previous price to pay damage to the poor and middle-income groups of citizens in light of a stifling health and economic crisis,” considering that “mentioning the price of a barrel of oil in Iraqi dinars is a circumvention of the public’s demands to restore the exchange rate to 1119 dinars.” For one dollar. ”


He pointed out that “the inclusion in Article (11) of the requirement to hand over the region to what exceeded (460) thousand barrels to the company (SOMO) to ensure that there is no smuggling for what exceeded that, as well as to deliver any other non-oil imports to the federal government,” demanding that the materials be canceled 38, 41, 42 and 47 related to the privatization of the state’s productive and service sectors, the sale of state-owned agricultural lands, as well as the sale of industrial and public service financial assets, because that includes outlets for corruption, damage to public money and open the way for manipulation in light of an atmosphere inappropriate for such a step in current time”.


He also called for “canceling foreign loans because they are not needed after the improvement in oil prices and because of their harmful future effects on the economic and political levels, especially foreign loans and the sovereign guarantees of the Ministry of Electricity, as the report of the Financial Supervision Bureau stated that these loans are a drain on the state’s public treasury.”


And he called for “not to add any material that gives ISIS terrorist members the status of martyrs under names intended to delude the public through wordplay to find a reason in which the victim is equal with the executioner and the murderer with the martyr.”

4 thoughts on “State of law demands the return of the dollar exchange to its previous price

  1. If Maliki’s coalition is calling for the rate to go back to 1190, then it’s because the CBI is planning to revalue. 270 dinar per dollar will never affect rich politicians. They are trying to stop something else that’s coming that we aren’t hearing about!


  2. Means CBI will again devalue their currency means 1450 to 1190 again. It’s not revaluation it’s not stability. If CBI will go to the previous rate of exchange rate it will not good. It should delegation of zeros which they decide to do in a project. Their project delegation of zeros still not complete and the value of currency still stable on google. They should change it to delete zeros and make it stable against the dollar then it will be a good decision for the country and people will come to do business and more opportunities for outsiders and insiders…..

    Thank you!


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