The national approach issues a statement regarding the vote session on the budget .. and confirms the boycott

Baghdad / … The National Approach bloc issued a press statement regarding the budget voting session, confirming the boycott of the session. The statement reads: Budget for the year 2021, as this reflects the principle of transparency and facilitates control over the safety and realism of spending. 2. We demand that the exchange rate of the dollar be restored to its previous level in order to avoid severe economic and social damages. 3. We demand the inclusion of Article (11) of the following text (The region is obligated to deliver (460) thousand barrels in full and all that is in excess to SOMO and all its non-oil revenues to the public treasury .. If it refuses to do so, no dues will be paid to the region. The violator bears legal responsibility for that.) 4- We demand the abolition of Article (38) which permits the privatization of all productive and service sectors of the state and allows the participation of investors and contractors in ownership of oil and gas fields, power stations, Iraqi Airways aircraft and government banks. 5- We demand the abolition of the two articles (42 and 41) that allow the sale of state-owned agricultural lands to those who have the right to dispose of a value much less than its real value and will create widespread social conflicts. 6- We demand the abolition of Article (47) that permits the sale of the state’s financial assets, including industrial, infrastructure, and others. 7- We demand the cancellation of new foreign loans, as they have far-reaching effects on the country’s sovereignty and economy. 8- We refuse to authorize the Minister of Finance to issue sovereign guarantees. 9- We reject the article that proposes that the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Defense contract with private sector companies to run newly constructed hospitals. 10- We reject the additive article that requires the Ministry of Education to invite the private sector to implement printing of textbooks, and we suggest restricting it to public state companies only. 11- We reject the new article that allows governorates to contract with developers because they will witness secondary speculation on the one hand, and through these projects it is intended to charge the citizen the cost of constructing the health services infrastructure, electricity, water and sewage streams to increase the profits of the developers (investors)! 12- We warn against adding any article to the budget that includes the terrorist killed by ISIS with the rights of the Martyrs Foundation Law, and we consider this a weakening of the efforts and sacrifices to fight blind terrorism.

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