The Kurdish delegation in Baghdad today and optimism that the budget will be approved tomorrow


Kurdistan Region delegation

Budget law

2021-03-27 10:56

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Shafaq News / The delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government, tomorrow, Sunday, in Baghdad, will resume its negotiations regarding the share of the Kurdistan Region in the federal budget, in a positive atmosphere by resolving the controversial points and voting on the budget.

The deputy from the Kurdistan Democratic Bloc, Sherwan Al-Dubaradani, told Shafaq News:

The Kurdish delegation will arrive this evening in Baghdad, and tomorrow it will hold a meeting with the Presidency of Parliament and heads of political blocs to resolve the points of contention and reach a final agreement to vote on the budget law.

Aldobardani added; The atmosphere is currently positive, especially after the meeting of the Finance Committee and its hosting of the ministers, and that tomorrow Sunday will be a crucial day for voting on the budget law.

He pointed out that the date of the session may be delayed by an hour or two, but it will be held to vote on the articles of the budget law gradually from Article 1 to Article 58, in addition to the articles added to the law.

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