The Iraqi Parliament sets the date for voting on the 2021 budget



The Iraqi Parliament

The financial budget

2021-03-26 11:52

Shafaq News / The Iraqi Council of Representatives (Parliament) set, on Friday, the date of the scheduled session to vote on the draft federal budget bill for the current year.

According to the agenda distributed by the media department of the council, Parliament will vote on the budget in next Sunday’s session.

The session will be devoted to the budget vote, with the exception of public discussions for a quarter of an hour.

The vote on the budget was scheduled to take place tomorrow, Saturday.

However, the council’s media department indicated that, “given the continuing discussions on the draft budget law and the need for final formulations of the articles of the budget bill, the council presidency decided that the voting session on the draft budget law would take place on Sunday.”

There are still differences between the political blocs on several items in the draft budget, including the share of the Kurdistan Region and the exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar.

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