Erbil announces a political agreement with Baghdad regarding oil

Political | 12:00 – 27/03/2021

BAGHDAD – Mawazine News

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan announced, on Friday, a political agreement with Baghdad regarding oil.

The leader of the Union, Ghayath Al-Surji, said in a radio interview, “In the past it was agreed that the region would hand over 460 thousand barrels, but the dues of the oil companies operating in the oil sector and the debts owed by the region were deducted from the wages of the oil pipelines to Turkey in addition to the deduction of the region’s share for consumption. ” the local “.

He added,” The delegation of the region has agreed with the political blocs in Baghdad and the Parliamentary Finance that the remainder will be 250 thousand barrels to be delivered to the SOMO Oil Marketing Company. “Ended 29 / A 43


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