Foreign Ministry: We are waiting for a bus schedule during the coming period



Baghdad / Al-Mawred News

Today, Tuesday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that Iraq will witness a bus schedule of visits during the coming period, while indicating that Iraq has confirmed that it is a point of attraction, convergence and coordination of positions.

In a statement to the official agency, Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmed Al-Sahaf said, “Initiative diplomacy is a method we devoted to it, and it is not an option but a path that promotes Iraq’s interests,” noting that “the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is working very hard to promote collective initiatives to devote to the security and stability of the region.”

He added, “The balance in our foreign policy allows us to build strategic interests, and the tripartite summit will bear witness to that,” noting that “the diversification of the economic gates of Iraq by mobilizing the efforts of our embassies and missions abroad and following up on the specialized departments in the ministry’s center yields high-level coordination results.”

And he stated that “despite the Corona pandemic that struck the world, Iraq confirmed that it is a point of attraction, convergence and coordination of positions,” stressing that “the foreign ministers of many countries have visited Iraq and we are waiting for a busy schedule of visits during this period.”

He pointed out that “the opening of some European embassies in Baghdad after a lapse of years witnessed the stability of Iraq and the government’s commitment to providing security for the missions,” noting that “we have overcome the security challenge of diplomatic missions, and we affirm the principle of integration to meet the challenges with all of Iraq’s partners and friends.”

He stressed that “the efforts of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have been and are still very exceptional in providing support to confront the Corona pandemic, and we have received support initiatives in this regard,” noting that “the multiple strategic partnerships put Iraq’s interests in accordance with constitutional measures and in a way that achieves the interests of the state and society together.”

He continued, “The security and stability of the region is reflected in Iraq, and our presence in the scene has become in the process of building on the sources of a pure national force.”


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