Al-Kazemi’s government takes new decisions. This is its text




Iraqi Council of Ministers

2021-03-23 15:51

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Shafaq News / Today, Tuesday, the Council of Ministers held a regular session headed by Mustafa Al-Kazemi, during which it took new decisions.

A statement issued by Al-Kazemi’s office received by Shafaq News stated that the council discussed the topics on its agenda and took the following decisions:

1- Giving the Minister of Health the authority to negotiate with the Lebanese side, and to discuss the services needed by the Ministry of Health to raise the health level, especially in the field of hospital management, medical services, basic services and medical goods, including cooperation in modern hospitals.

2- Approving the recommendation of the Ministerial Council for Energy (33 for the year 2021), according to the following:

Approval for Bid Contract Assignment (WQ0691), for 96 turnkey drilling, Basra Oil Company / ExxonMobil. In the custody of the American company (Schlumberger), with a total amount of (480566597 dollars), only four hundred and eighty million dollars, five hundred and sixty-six thousand five hundred and ninety-seven dollars. Which is less (14.4%) than the estimated cost of (5616000000 dollars), only five hundred and sixty one million and six hundred thousand dollars, which is within the permitted percentage in the instructions. 

The Ministry of Oil bears the technical and financial aspects and the proportionality of the contract amount with the tender as far as the financial viability is concerned.

3- Approval of the recommendation of the Board of Directors of the Tourism Authority related to the employees of the Tourism Authority working with the Taj Al Wisam Company / investing in the Baghdad Tourism Island and approval to sign an appendix to a contract between the Tourism Authority and the company in question, according to the aforementioned body’s book No. 170 (Dated February 2, 2021).

4- Adoption of the national plan for human rights in Iraq. Accompanying the Ministry of Justice letter No. (1165) dated (August 27, 2020), bearing in mind the opinion of the legal department in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers confirmed according to its memorandum of number (Ramd / Q / 2/4 / None), signed in ( February 25, 2021) as follows:

First – rearranging the timetable prepared for its implementation, and adding the Human Rights Commission to the committee.

Second – Updating the plan in a manner that refers to the recently approved draft laws.

Third – Forming a ministerial committee entrusted with the task of coordinating the implementation of the measures included in the plan, tracking and evaluating the progress of the national action plan, and including, in addition to the concerned governmental sectors, representatives of national institutions and bodies and non-governmental organizations interested in human rights issues to support the plan.

Fourth – the commitment to submit an annual general report on the progress of the work to activate the plan, and its commitment to submit sectoral reports to the Monitoring and Evaluation Committee every six months.

Fifth – Defining accurate indicators for tracking, evaluating and implementing the measures, recommendations and activities specified in the text of the plan, and in the time allotted to them.

Sixth: Examining alternative solutions to fill the deficiency by canceling the two ministries of (human and women’s rights).

5- Approving the recommendation of the Ministerial Council for the Economy according to what was stated in the Iraqi Trade Bank’s letter No. (1827) dated May 21, 2020, regarding the sale of old ATMs and replacing them with new ATMs, as an exception to the procedures stipulated in the provisions of Article (40) of the Law of Sale and Leasing of Funds State No. (21) of 2013 amended.

6- The Ministry of Finance undertakes financing the Ministry of Electricity in the amount of (57 billion dinars), to pay the salaries of contracts and workers working days, from the actual total expenditures of the Ministry of Electricity or ministries and agencies not associated with a ministry and all governorates. No more than (1/12) of the actual expense of the aforementioned entities’ operating expenses (at the state level), without being restricted to the purposes assigned to them in the previous fiscal year.


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