The Prime Minister comments on the possibility of Parliament changing the dollar exchange rate



Baghdad / Al-Mawred News

Today, Monday, a spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office affirmed that Parliament has the right to express its opinion on the exchange rate of the dollar, “but its decision is not binding.”

Culture Minister Hassan Nazim said, in a press statement, that the parliament has the opportunity to express its opinion on the exchange rate of the dollar and change it within the budget, but its decision will not be binding on application by the government because the price change is related to the government and the Central Bank, which set the dollar exchange rate at 1450 dinars.

Nazem explained that it is the responsibility of Parliament to decide whether to approve the budget and pass it, or to make amendments or changes to it.

Nazem also said that the federal government has accomplished what is required of it in the budget file 3 months ago and now work is entrusted to Parliament in all respects, indicating that the government can help facilitate matters or conduct interpretations and negotiations on some files.

The Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed, yesterday, Sunday, that the Central Bank of Iraq will appeal the draft federal budget in the event that Parliament changes the exchange rate of the dollar.  

Representative Muhammad Shi`a al-Sudani announced the demand of more than a third of the members of the House of Representatives to return the dollar price to what it was, and publish the names of the signatures of 120 deputies demanding that.

The Central Bank of Iraq and the Ministry of Finance approved a new exchange rate for the American dollar at 145 thousand Iraqi dinars, after it was 125 thousand dinars, amid popular and official criticism of this measure, at a time when Parliament and the Finance Committee vacated their responsibility to throw the ball in the court of the bank and the ministry because the decision is within their jurisdiction.

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