They are marching, threatening the Minister of Finance: If you do not correct this mistake, we will topple you

Political | 07:36 – 21/03/2021

Baghdad – Mawazine News

, on Sunday, the Saeron Alliance threatened to overthrow Finance Minister Ali Abdul-Amir Allawi, while confirming that the latter made a big mistake that if he did not correct it, he would be overthrown.

“We are surprised by the unfair distribution of the Ministry of Health’s operating budget for the provinces,” said Jawad Al-Mousawi, the representative of the Saeron Alliance, in a statement received by Mawazine News. .

Mousawi added, “The Ministry of Finance has made a big mistake in distributing the operating budget of the Ministry of Health, as it has allocated nearly a hundred and thirty-four billion dinars to three governorates, which are Anbar, Salah al-Din and Nineveh, while it has allocated eighty-two billion dinars to four southern governorates, namely Karbala, Muthanna and Maysan, as well as Dhi Qar. “.

He stressed, “The southern governorates that lack the simplest services are still distracted by the executive authorities, and the simplest evidence is that the few funds were allocated to them compared to the western governorates,” stressing that “this issue will not remain silent about it and we will have a firm position in Parliament that may reach to overthrow the Minister of Finance if not Correct this mistake. ”

He pointed out, “He will ask a parliamentary question about this issue to find out the reasons that prompted the concerned authorities to take such decisions that are not commensurate with the size of the shortage of services suffered by the southern governorates, especially the special shortage of various needs in the health sector, the most prominent of which is the lack of government hospitals.”

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