Pictures .. Massive celebrations of Nowruz spread over the Autonomous Administration regions

Kurdistan Region



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2021-03-21 11:55

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Shafaq News / On Sunday, cities in the Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria witnessed massive celebrations, in commemoration of Nowruz, which is celebrated by the Kurds and other nationalities in the region.

Thousands of people gathered in the Himo and Jirkin area of Qamishli, the largest Kurdish city in Syria.

Sheilan Yusef, one of the celebrities for Nowruz, told Shafaq News, “Eid Nowruz symbolizes freedom and disagreement from slavery and tyranny, and today we confirm that the Kurdish people in every part of Kurdistan will not back down from the demands for their legitimate national rights.”

Youssef added, “Today we call on the international community to guarantee the rights of the Kurdish people in the next Syrian constitution, through a federal region or autonomy that guarantees the rights and privacy of our people.”

For his part, Sherzad Dawe, a member of a Kurdish folklore group, told Shafaq News, “We express through Kurdish dances and songs about ancient Kurdish folklore, as well as wear the traditional and folkloric dress to show the whole world that we are a people with a specificity and history and we deserve to live in our own country.”

During the rule of Assad, the father and the son, the Syrian government has always been tightening the screws on the Kurds in Syria to prevent them from celebrating Nowruz, and this includes the government taking strict security measures and arresting political activists and everyone who participates in organizing Nowruz celebrations, including members and leaders of political parties and members of Kurdish singing and theatrical groups.

With the start of the Syrian revolution and the exit of most Kurdish regions from the control of the Syrian government, the Kurds have a greater space to express their privacy and celebrate their holidays, national and cultural occasions without restriction.

In this regard, the Tigris Center for Culture and Art in the Autonomous Administration, together with the Judy Band, celebrated the celebration of Nowruz, east of the city of Dirk, 2 km behind the Pourza Dam, the far north and east of Syria.

Hundreds of people flocked to support the Autonomous Administration and its masses, as well as representatives from the celebratory “PYNK” parties, which were interspersed with Kurdish dancing and dancing.

It is worth noting that the Kurdish National Council revived the celebration of Nowruz, south of Dirk, among its fans and supporters.


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